Untouched Green Island in Koh Phaluai

Untouched Green Island in Koh Phaluai

Paradise islands in the Gulf of Thailand are well known of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao. These 3 main islands have lots of popular activities to welcome the visitors such as diving in Koh Tao, Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, adventure sea tour in Angthong National Marine Park, and relaxing on a small tropical island in Koh Tan & Koh Mudsum.

Beside of these islands, there is another charming island called “Koh Phaluai” where is located in the part of Angthong National Marine Park. This island still has an abundance of environment and people stay in their own local life with main works of fishermen. So, if you are one of travelers who would love to learn and stay in the local way, this maybe your favorite island.

Koh Phaluai is located in the west side of Koh Samui, next to Angthong National Marine Park. Travelers can go to visit the island either taking one day trip from Koh Samui by speed boat OR staying overnight on the island, then can take the boat from different ways.

From Donsak by long-tail boat (18 Kilometers):
– Depart from Donsak – Koh Phaluai at 13:00 hrs.
– Return from Koh Phaluai – Donsak at 06:00 hrs.

From Koh Samui by speed boat or long-tail boat (20 Kilometers):
– Time is flexible due to it is a private transfer.

The first immigrant group who settle down at Koh Phaluai were villagers from Koh Tan and Koh Samui. They moved to stay on the island because there is an abundance of natural and sea resources. At the beginning, people started from agriculture such as coconut plantation and rice farmer till nowadays most of them are fishermen and someone has a small camping or bungalow with restaurant to serve the tourists.

Koh Phaluai is still a new place for tourists and there are just few accommodations on the island. However, on this island has many interested attractions for visiting: “Tam Sam Bo” which is the cave with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites, there is also a freshwater pond that is an important source of water for villagers’ consumption. And, on the east coast of the island there are nice peaceful beaches for relaxing and getting some fresh air at Song Pee Nong Beach, Son Beach, and Ta Yo Beach. Finish your amazing day with beautiful sunset at Koan Luay Bay and Laem Sing Bay.
We can say that travelers who have been traveling here most focused on getting new experiences, learning the island lifestyle, and immersing themselves in plentiful nature.

Moreover, there is one of the interesting highlights of Koh Phaluai: the “Hornbill” that it is the proof of abundance environment of this island and can be found all year round. Travelers would see a large flock of hornbills flying in a group of 20-30 around the area of Koh Nueng Bay, Koh Phaluai Number One Seafood Restaurant, and Koh Phaluai School.

Travelers who would like to stay overnight on the island, they have homestays and camping to serve. What you can do on your visiting? Actually, there are quite a lot of unique activities for learning to get a good memorable on your traveling experience:

– Visiting fisherman villages, touching local people life and learning the way they live
– Fishing with fisherman on the real local boat
– Bird Watching, trekking into the jungle and see the varieties of birds
– Exploring to Angthong National Marine Park

Koh Phaluai local people are so kind and friendly, they would offer you to join any activity with warm welcome and cook some fresh seafood from their catching to serve your delicious meal on the beach.

Travelers who don’t want to stay overnight, taking one day trip by speed boat from Koh Samui is your choice. First visiting spot at Angthong National Marine Park to enjoy the activities of snorkeling and sightseeing before heading to Koh Phaluai for having lunch and kayaking.

Normally, the National Marine Park will be yearly closed in the mid of November till December as of monsoon season. And, day tour will offer other activities instead of such as visit the fisherman village, see the panoramic viewpoint at Hin Pha Tang that you can see the views of Koh Nok Phao, Koh Tan, Koh Samui, and Khao Seam that it is the shaped like King Kong and crocodile

Traveling to Koh Phaluai would earn a different experience from traveling to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao. The charm of this island is a combination between the nature and the villagers. You would get a warm and sincere welcome from the local people like being a part of their families. Put this lovely island on your peaceful mind once planning to visit the Gulf of Thailand.