Koh Samui Guan Yu Shrine: The Worth Visiting Historical Place

Koh Samui Guan Yu Shrine: The Worth Visiting Historical Place

The famous temples in Koh Samui, well known of Big Buddha Temple where you can see a huge golden Buddha statue in sitting position, and Plai Laem Temple which featuring a striking white 18-arms statue of Chinese Lady Monk. Moreover, there is another important holy place where is located at Baan Nakai, Hua Thanon area nearby Lamai Beach. Here, there is Guan Yu Shrine with the big statue of Guan Yu standing out with 16 meters height which is the biggest bronze statue of Guan Yu in Thailand.

Beginning of Guan Yu Shrine in Koh Samui
Around 1872, Chinese-Hainan migrated to Koh Samui and settled down at Baan Nakai (Little village in the southeast of Koh Samui). They respectfully invited the statue of Guan Yu to enshrine in a small wooden shrine for their prayed. The traditional shrine was located in the market area, about 1 kilometer away from the current shrine.

In 1935, the wooden shrine was moved to the current area. In 2008, Samui people have been gathering the donation to design a new shrine and construct the bronze statue of Guan Yu in the sitting position with 16 meters height. The shrine is a celebration of Chinese heritage, held the Chinese festivals, and become known as the landmark for Koh Samui sightseeing tour.

Who is Guan Yu?
Guan Yu also known as Yun Chang, who was a military general serving under the warlord Liu Bei and became renowned general during the Tree Kingdom era of China. His statue almost appears in ancient Chinese armor. He is historically well-known as being loyal, righteous, brave, and intelligent. In the Qing dynasty, Guan Yu was widely regarded as a “Holy Deity”. Nowadays, Guan Yu still worshiped by many Chinese Buddhists, Confucianists, and Taoists around the world. You can find Guan Yu’s history carved on the basement of the statue at Koh Samui Guan Yu Shrine.

What the activities can we do?
Koh Samui Guan Yu Shrine surrounding by several restaurants, coffee shops, and small gift shops. The buildings are in Chinese style covered in red. You can walk around the small Chinatown to find something to eat, the kind of food would be traditional Chinese-Hainan dishes. Also, you can chill out at the coffee shop with nice beach view opposite the shrine.

Koh Samui Guan Yu Shrine also an is Instagram-worthy spot for taking photos because this place mostly is not crowded and there is magnificent colorful architecture that make your photos lively! The left side of Guan Yu Shrine is a small traditional hotel in Chinese style named “Tangren Hotel”. Next to the hotel is a blue color street art of “Mardi” which is a famous art work character of Alex Face (Patcharapon Tangruen). This street art shows that Mardi is swimming while putting her hands together to pay respects to the Guan Yu. Next one is the Sino Portuguese Mansions same as Phuket Old Town, but here the mansions covered with pastel blue. Photo tip: Go and take the photos when the sun brightest, that would bring the vivid of your photos.

How to get there?
Drive your own car down to the southern part of the island. Guan Yu Shrine is located at Huathanon area, Lamai beach on Koh Samui’s ring road. Believe that you can’t drive pass the shrine because of the huge and stunning of the Guan Yu. Another worth choice is renting a car with private driver that you can go around the island with your own destinations selected.

📍 Location: https://goo.gl/maps/QGv7Qd6cTZ8cX51o8
Hours: Daily from 08:00 – 18:00 hrs.
Entrance fee: None